About the Tech Workers Coalition Newsletter

Who we are

This newsletter is a project within the Tech Workers Coalition. TWC is a worker-led, all-volunteer network building power through rank-and-file organizing and peer education.

The editorial collective for this project was originally formed in early 2020 by Danny S, Wendy L, Jesse S, Felipe V and Ana U, all current or former tech workers based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The collective continues to evolve as members come and go. The current active contributors to this project are: Danny S, Wendy L, Jesse S, Becca L, Kaylen S, Vikram R, Kim T, Tamara K, Meredith W, Sunny R, Marley P, and Yindi P.

We see ourselves as stewards, not owners, of this project, and hope for it to grow within the broader network. We do not (and can’t possibly) speak for all of TWC. In 2018 and 2019, an early group of volunteers published a newsletter which is available on this website under Volume 1. We’re grateful for their foundational work that helped us form a new group and restart the newsletter. We’re also grateful to the Platform Organizing research project for their support with engaging contributors.

Our vision and values

Our aim with this newsletter is to help situate the tech industry within the broader social, political and economic context. We believe that, as tech workers, we have a role to play in making our industry better. We hope this newsletter will help build understanding and solidarity across roles and companies.

We will share news, analysis, and inspiration related to worker actions and working conditions in the tech industry, and its impact on society.

We will operate openly, welcome new contributors, and gratefully incorporate feedback. This project and its practices will evolve as we grow together with TWC.

We intend to run this project as a model of the organizing we believe in: grassroots worker organizing with autonomy, accountability, and joy! We work in solidarity with existing movements towards workers’ rights, equity, and justice.

How we engage contributors and collaborators

We welcome contributions for general themes (e.g., workplace surveillance), specific stories (e.g., organizing efforts at a particular workplace), or anything else that aligns with our vision and values. Check out our call for submissions to learn more.

If you have suggestions, contributions, or proposals to collaborate, you can email us or open a GitHub issue.

We also welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter!

How we make decisions and grow

As a small collective, we make decisions by loose consensus: as we work towards our vision and values, we take a bias towards action, embrace our differences, and continually improve our editorial process and overall capacity.

We encourage collaborators to be proactive in contributing content and providing feedback. As more collaborators join our collective, we will evolve this project.