Call for Submissions

Do you work in tech? Are you a content moderator, app-based delivery driver, machine learning engineer, or some other rank-and-file worker in the tech industry?

We’re here to help you write

Our editorial collective exists to help workers talk with each other and share their story. Our aim is to change tech workplaces and the industry in collaboration with the workers and communities it impacts. We work with you to publish your worker’s perspective, roughly 800–1,600 words.

What we publish

  • Narratives by underrepresented or undervalued tech workers
  • Personal stories of organizing and collective action with fellow workers
  • First-person analysis that puts direct experience in historical context
  • Interviews with peers and coworkers across ‘workplaces’, in the ‘gig’ economy, and beyond
  • Accounts of building worker power for refusal, abolition, and building alternatives

What we don’t publish

  • Impersonal essays or commentary not based on experience
  • Press releases by corporate nonprofit staff or campaign consultants

How to get started

  1. Browse our archive for inspiration.
  2. Email us your pitch in a few sentences to
  3. Let us know what you need! Depending on your situation, we’ll move fast or to give it more time.

More ways to contribute

Our collective grows by welcoming new collaborators and building and sharing skills, which helps us steward this project for the long term. In addition to worker’s perspectives, we welcome contributions for news, history, organizing tips, and songs. We always welcome help with proofreading! Sound interesting or have other ideas? Email us!