Issue 17: 100 women walked 100 miles

14 Sep 2018

100 women marched 100 miles to the California capitol in support of Assembly Bill 2079, the Janitor Survivor Empowerment Act, which would put in place greater protections against sexual assault on the job for janitors. They started yesterday and arrived this morning.



“Quién es el dueño de mi cuerpo? Yo soy la dueña de mi cuerpo!”
“Who is the owner of my body? I am the owner of my body!”

It’s often easy to forget that the rank-and-file worker — the person whose work and presence is both indispensable and invisible to most of us — is still out there fighting every single day.

Yesterday, 100 of them reminded us — and lawmakers in Sacramento — that they’re not only tired of being taken advantage of, they’re also a political force to be reckoned with.

The bill goes beyond conventional anti-sexual harassment training and focuses instead on peer-to-peer solutions for survivors of industry abuse. Examples include sessions for workers to learn how to exercise their rights after instances of harassment.

“This is another huge step toward what we really want, which is our voices to be heard and respected,” said Joanna Ruiz, a college student and march participant whose parents are both janitors. “We want people in our community who still live in fear to know that we’re with them and speaking out for them.”

Hear from the protesters and follow #100WomenWalk for updates.

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In The News

Facebook ad targeting allowed proponents of gay conversion therapy to prey on LGBTQ youth with “gay cure” ads.

Stripe’s CFO lays out exactly how to exploit tech talent for market domination.

Placing orders on Amazon perpetuates abuse and inhumanity. “Zachariah Vargas was about to drop off a package when he accidentally slammed the door of his truck on his hand. Once he freed his fingers, the blood began to pour.

Panicked, Vargas called his dispatch supervisor, who was working at a nearby Amazon facility. He said he received no sympathy. “The first thing they asked was, ‘How many packages do you have left?’””

The trials conducted by San Francisco-based plasma (and Peter Thiel-backed) startup Ambrosia says that further animal testing is needed to establish side effects of supplanting one’s blood with the blood others younger; meanwhile Peter Thiel continues drinking the blood of teenagers.

A senior Google scientist has resigned in protest of what he calls the “forfeiture of our values” in the company’s pursuing censored search in China.

BART police sent surveillance data on passengers to ICE. “For eight months last year, BART collected some riders’ license plate information and sent it to a database ICE can access, employing surveillance technology the BART board had declared should not be used, according to documents obtained through a public records request. BART police continued to transmit photos of cars from the MacArthur parking garage even after the board passed a sanctuary policy that appears to have banned those actions. ICE wouldn’t say Wednesday whether it viewed the data.”

Game Workers Unite joins the hosts of the Delete Your Account podcast this week to talk unionization for workers in the video games industry.

Reddit banned one page trafficking white supremacist content, but community pages like /r/whitenationalism, /r/gentilesunited, and /r/whitebeauty are still active.

Google’s new AI chief co-chairs a national security task force of the Center for a New American Security (which has strong military ties) with the “father of the military surveillance program, Project Maven”. Their vision? monitor the whole world with drones.

The Trades Union Congress, an umbrella group for labor in Britain, is calling for a four-day work week. “The economist John Maynard Keynes had predicted that people would eventually work for just 15 hours a week. Instead, technology has led to unpredictable, more intensive and longer hours at work… and a return to the days of piecework, creating a culture where workers are required to be constantly available to work.” Groups in France are demanding for “the right to disconnect”.

#PrisonStrike supporters are demanding evacuation for hundreds of individuals imprisoned in South Carolina in the line of danger of Hurricane Florence. Read the list of strikers’ demands here.

Working Partnerships USA and Berkeley Labor Center have teamed up to deliver a report on the future of trucking jobs as well as what can be done to protect and improve conditions for workers in industries expected to be dismantled by automation.

Members of the IWW share what solidarity unionism means in September 2018.

Hotel workers taking on Marriott voted yesterday to authorize a strike.

Song Of The Week

Marc Ribot - “Bella Ciao (Goodbye Beautiful)” (feat. Tom Waits)

One fine morning I woke up early
Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao
One fine morning I woke up early
Find the fascist at my door
Oh, partigiano, please take me with you
Bella ciao, bella ciao, goodbye beautiful
Oh, partigiano, please take me with you
I’m not afraid anymore