Issue 38: Stop wage theft for DoorDash drivers

01 Mar 2019

Workers are holding DoorDash accountable for a dishonest tipping policy that shortchanges drivers and puts more money in management’s pockets.

In an open letter published today (instructions for signing here), signers demonstrate solidarity with drivers and workers who are bringing attention to DoorDash’s wage theft practices. The letter’s demands include a $15 per hour pay floor for all drivers, plus tips.

Read the full letter here

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Organizing Tip Of The Week


The answer is always “talk to your trusted coworkers”! (And never “talk to your manager”). Find people that will either support you and have your back, or others who have aligned interests. Look to strength in numbers for addressing any grievance.

In The News

Academics respond to IBM’s techno-utopian, self-adulating Oscars ad with a much better take. Kristen, a volunteer organizer with Tech Workers Coalition, is one of the featured speakers in the video.

Between reviewing videos tagged as “counter-terrorism”, “self-harm”, and “potential imminent risk or harm”, the subcontracted Facebook content moderators are monitored by the second and have their bathroom breaks managed by a browser plugin. More light shed on the brutal working conditions of these tech workers, from outposts in Arizona, Texas, and Hyderabad, India where contractors make as little as $6 a day and screen as many as 2,000 posts a day.  

Student groups at Stanford and Berkeley are saying no to Salesforce and Palantir and “refusing to be a part of the ivy league racist tech pipeline”.

The alt-right YouTube channels identified in Rebecca Lewis’ Data & Society report have been almost completely purged from YouTube’s recommendation system

Elite professionals are unhappy and unfulfilled at work. Human despair knows no class bounds. 

An AirBnB scheme in New York operating a $10 million illegal hotel operation was shut down.

The games industry continues a rough month that started with Blizzard’s massive 800 person layoffs, as Guild Wars developer ArenaNet and games platform GoG lay off employees.

America’s Cloud Act allows the federal government to demand data held outside of the United States, setting up for a showdown between the US and Europe over privacy and jurisdiction.

A study of police departments found engaging in unlawful and biased policing found that many of them also used the data from their dirty policing periods to train their predictive policing models, locking in the bias from that period into their long term practices.

Washington State became the first state to introduce laws around algorithmic fairness and accountability.

Final call for submissions to the second issue of Bug Report! Email the editors at Submissions on the topic of “the first tech job” are open through March 15.

Song Of The Week

Fantastic Negrito Transgender Biscuits

All the people with love in your heart
Get unified, get organized (change, change, change)
I got fired because I’m a woman
I got fired because I’m black
I got fired because I’m a white man
I got fired because I’m fat
I got fired because I’m an asshole
I got fired because I’m gay
I got fired because I’m a Muslim
I got fired for being late
Ooh, looks like nobody’s coming
To my party, no no no no no no no no
All the people with love in your heart
Get unified, get organized (change, change, change)
I got fired because I’m Asian
I got fired because I’m cute
I got fired because I’m ugly
I got fired because I’m a Jew
I got fired because I’m Christian
I got fired because I’m brown
I got fired for being real
I got fired for talking loud
Ooh, looks like nobody’s coming
To my party, no no no no no no no no
Uncle gotta find (change, change, change, change, change)
Change, change, chnge (Change, change, change, change, change)
There’s an Oakland rain
Falling on my head right now
Fallin’ on my head (right now)