Issue 50: TWC Bangalore: Hello and welcome!

14 Jun 2019

Hello all from the newly emerging TWC Bangalore local!

Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, and it was inevitable that the first TWC chapter in India would start here. Unionisation has a long history in India with the first trade union set up in 1918. Recently, there have been multiple unionisation efforts for the IT industry, with unions like F.I.T.E (Forum for IT employees), K.I.T.U (Karnataka State IT Employees Union). 

The Tech Workers Coalition has received widespread support from the community. Our first meet up was held in Cubbon Park (a beautiful green space in the heart of the city) and we had about 12 people show up, with professions ranging from designers, engineers, researchers and academics. 

We first introduced TWC and its history in the US and then went around the circle for everyone to get an opportunity to speak. We also handed out zines to people, an FAQ centered on tech worker solidarity and the importance of collective action. We concluded the first meet with everyone discussing their long term and short term goals which they were interested in. Some of the topics highlighted include gender inequalities, future of tech on society, and employee wellbeing. Overall, the first meet up helped us understand people’s perspectives of the tech industry and to get to know each other as well. On a short note, the Bangalore chapter has started off well, and we hope to keep the momentum going!  

Photo from Tech Workers Bangalore gathering

Workers gathered in Cubbon Park in Bangalore to talk about collective action and worker solidarity in the tech industry

Upcoming Events

Happy 150th Birthday, Emma Goldman
Thursday, 6/27 7PM at CIIS in San Francisco

TWC Monthly General Meeting
Thursday, 7/11 7PM in Seattle 

The Code of Conduct is in effect at all TWC events.

In The News

NPM’s leadership still prefers to try to intimidate their workers rather than hearing their demands or showing any accountability to them. Unfortunately for the bosses, the whole industry is watching. Share this story and if you post about it on Twitter, be sure to tag @npmjs when you show your support and solidarity.

Tech workers are raising money for Seattle contingent workers at Facebook who were wrongfully fired after organizing to better their working conditions. Sudden firings like these can be devastating, especially on contractor wages, and amidst management claims against their character. If we practice solidarity by taking care of each other in the face of retaliation, we make organizing and collective action safer for everyone! Feel free to donate to the fundraiser as you are comfortable, and pass along to your social circles.

The State of California has started an investigation into Riot Games for gender discrimination.

Video game workers are burned out and need a union.

A TWC volunteer shares their analysis and encouraging insights on the promise of Indian tech workers organizing.

Immigration activists turn up the heat on execs of tech companies enabling mass deportation.

Workers are angry and are speaking out as Youtube execs continue to trip on policies protecting homophobic harassment.

Images of travelers were stolen in a cyberattack on border security, shocking literally nobody.

One of the organizers of the #GoogleWalkout wrote her goodbye note to the company detailing the retaliatory “flogging, shunning and stress” she’s experienced at the hands of her department’s leadership following the walkout. She was at Google/Youtube for 12 years.

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