Solidarity songs across company lines

09 Nov 2021

Last week, Sharon Goen of Gig Workers Collective in Las Vegas told her story and presented five demands to fix on-demand shopping. This week, a former Instacart worker on the corporate side of the company wrote a song with their band The Strange Ones in support of GWC. The band is matching all sales in a donation to GWC until the end of today. Buy it on Bandcamp here.

Poster art featuring four hooded Halloween-esque skeleton figures

Punks for gig workers. Isn't it StRanGe it’s come to this? / Source

We applaud workers expressing solidarity in song, across company lines!

If you know anyone who works on the corporate side of Instacart, send them Sharon’s story about going on strike; it’s free advice from shoppers for the company to make things right.

One tweet put it best: “Even if just one or two @instacartdesign folks stood up in favor of the shoppers, half of their demands could be met!”